Iris diagnosis (iridology)

Iridology goes as far back as Hippokrates who found that the eye, specifically the iris, can give information about diseases and the body's weaknesses. Iris diagnostic is mainly developed in Europe and is an important indicatory form of diagnosis within natural healing practises.

Experienced iridologists can learn to recognize a patient's constitution, dispositions and past as well as acute processes. These observations then inform the choice of therapy.

The recipe is in the eye
Here follows a short example:

The eye has a perforated structure indicating poor functioning of the glands. The co-operation between the glands has been disturbed. The blue colour indicates that diseases are mainly afflicting the organs of the lymphatic system. The light ring closest to the pupil indicates a souring of the stomach. The clearly open lacuna opening towards the edge of the iris (oval “hole” at 2 o'clock) is an indicator of ailments with the ears, for example pain or tinnitus. The pupil is slanted towards the nose, which indicates changes in the thoracic vertebrae or emotional ailments in the heart or lung area.

Even if the patient does not at present have problems it is possible to treat the patient preventively with this diagnosis. In this example one would harmonise and reinforce the glands, cleanse the lymphatic system, counter the souring of the stomach, investigate the ears and on the psychological level discuss themes around the heart- and lung area in conversation.

Contents of the course:

Beside teaching classical iridology, topography (the map in the eye), the science of constitution- and pigmentation, the course also includes recognition of chakra indicators, managing of resources as well as psychosomatic and energetic connections.

The education includes theory and practice:
The foundations of iridology according to Deck, Pesek and Hall, structural indicators, constitution, disposition, pigmentation according Schnabel, topographic phenomena
Chakra indicators
Understanding the language of the organs through signs in the eye
Chakra information from the eye
Forming a holistically oriented therapy

Emphasis lies on the participants practical work amongst themselves with the aid of a magnifying glass, as well as case studies with photos and up-to-date photography of the participants' irises.

The course aims to impart knowledge as well as skill. It can also increase the participants' knowledge of themselves since the contents of the course are applicable on the participants as well, not only their patients.

The course requires the following aides (available for purchase):
Magnifying glass with 10x magnification and illumination: €10,00
Colour chart as well as other copies: €12,00
Topographic map: €10,00

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